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      With an encyclopedic knowledge of international politics, diplomacy, culture, philology, and other areas of public life, he quickly became a nationally recognized expert in all these areas. Throughout his life, Nazir Turekulov dedicated to the service of his native country, he became the spokesman of thoughts and aspirations of the Kazakh people, its mouthpiece and conscience.

The policy in respect of a state depends on who and how spends it in place. In this sense, the outstanding role Nazir Turekulova – Soviet ambassador in Saudi Arabia – is undeniable. We must pay tribute to the personnel policy and the then leadership, consciously elected a representative to the human land of Islam, versed in all the intricacies of the religious on the one hand, and secular, educated and devoted to the revolution statesman – on the other. This choice was fully justified. N.Turekulov ably represented his country in the Saudi kingdom for as many as eight years (1928-1936 years) – a record for that time period.

Academician E.M.  Primakov